Suggestions on an Emergency Call Button in Microsoft Teams

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Hello.  Looking for ideas suggestions on how to create an "Emergency Call Button" .  We would like to have a way for any staff who are experiencing an emergency situation (IE. dealing with a client in crisis) to privately and securely reach out to our in-house crisis team, provide a quick detail of the situation, and then members of the crisis team get notified, and a crisis team member take ownership of the call, and get back to the original staff requesting help via chat. A normal team channel would work, but it is much too open to anybody.  We would like to have something in teams that acts like a traditional email distribution list. We do not use teams for voice telephony, and so the option that exists for emergency crisis management is not available.

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Hi, sounds like a job for PowerApps and Power Automate. Plenty of examples available - for instance, check out this app sample:

You will likely have bespoke requirements and specific compliance needs, so it may not be suitable "as is", but a useful starting point.
@SeanyG thank you for the suggestion. Will look into PowerApps. The sample you posted above is the type of action/behaviour that we are looking for.