Stop Teams from pinning my message

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Teams keep pinning my messages without me asking it to. Very irritating that I then have to unpin it. And embarrassing, because it's visible to everyone -- everyone in the chat can see that you pinned and then unpinned a message. Aaargh!

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Are you seeing the same issue I am? The first time I click on the "three dots" button on a chat message I have posted, the menu pops up, and then half a second later, the menu items get shifted to add a couple additional items. The result is that if I go to click on "Edit", I end up clicking on "Pin" instead.

@Ryan Steele This same issue has been plaguing me of late.  I go to the menu to select "Edit," and just as I select Edit, the menu expands.  Consequently, I end up selecting "Pin," and now I have to undo the pinned message.  

It would be great of that menu in Teams was updated much more quickly than it is.  

That may be what is happening on my end, but maybe not. All I know is I'm typing my message, I hit send, I click anywhere on the Teams window, and suddenly my last message is pinned!

@TJ_Ryan If you're not explicitly trying to edit a message you have just posted, then you must be encountering a different issue. Either way, best thing to do is to report it through Help > Give feedback.

@Ryan Steele It's annoying as hell. I see a lot of my colleagues do the same. Most of my chats have pinned and unpinned in between.