Speed dial in new Teams call history layout

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Hello all,

I have a query which I am hoping someone can help me out with.

The new Teams desktop client layout has launched, but I am experiencing an issue with the layout of the call history section.

Previously, speed dials that I add myself within the client would be ordered alphabetically, as well as being able to create my personal groups for the contacts in my speed dial.

In the new layout, both of these features appear to be missing.

Am I missing something here, or is anyone else noticing these two features are no longer available in the new layout?

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I'm having the same problem and I know others getting the problem day by day.
While others are still on the old layout while using the same update as me.

I cannot understand, why did they change the layout as it is now? I have no use for call history, prefer to have contacts visible as they was before update.

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The reaction of the Teams community is quite vocal in this other post: Re: Team Calls - screen layout - Microsoft Tech Community

The features team is reviewing this based on user feedback.

I agree, this is completely useless. I dont need to see who I called. I would much rather have a quick way to get to the person I need to call. What a waste of time.
Yep, we have many employees who are super frustrated about this so-called "update". They have plenty of features in Teams that don't work properly that they could be trying to fix but instead they decide to focus on something aesthetic... and on top of that, they make it less functionable for the every day user.
This new view where History replaces Speed Dial in the middle of the screen is useless. Just rolled out to me on 8/20/2021. I had the old Speed Dial view yesterday. I used that view to be able to see the presence/status of select users that I interact with frequently without having to mouse over or open the contact. (I know, there is a small color coded dot on each contact, but doesn't help for mostly color blind people, I need to words...Available, Busy, etc.) Please bring back the old Speed Dial view or give the user an option to control the view.



I just received the updated view for Teams Calls.   I used the Speed Dial list frequently and found it to be very helpful with respect to whether a contact was Available or Busy.   The new "history" screen with Speed Dial off to the right is not helpful at all.   Plus all my speed dial contacts have disappeared and now would need to be reloaded.   This makes using Teams much less helpful.  I will revert to Outlook for contacts and Zoom for video calls until this is fixed.   

I also dislike the new layout. It may be OK if there was a way to push history off to the right. Unfortunately, though, the ONE FEATURE I use in Teams all the time is now pushed off my screen. I think they didn't have a good UX study for this "improvement."


I actually met with them after they reviewed this comment and they said that were going to change it back.  Apparently the wheels move very slow.  They keep putting out new releases of Teams but cant seem to fix the main thing that they broke.


Hopefully we will get some action soon on this issue.  This is horrible and I have been stuck with it for months now.


@BB14726 Thank you so much for letting me know! My Teams just updated today, and it's such a pain to use now. I can't imagine how terrible it has been for those people who use the feature all the time to deal with it for the past several months. 


I don't think it would be as bad if we could resize the history part of the window or minimize it somehow. Right now, though, it just takes up way too much space. Plus, if I was really interested in my history, I could just go to "My Acivity."


You've given me hope, though!

Do the powers in control have any idea when they will retract this upgrade? Can't imagine what genious thought this was an improvement.


Some brilliant programmer who has no clue obviously :)