Specific problem: guests and attendees not in organization cannot view video in upload PPTX

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I have a specific problem.  Guests and attendees not in the organization in a Company Teams meeting cannot view a video integrated into a PPTX that has been uploaded to the meeting.  The videos are mp4 H.264 and around 3 minutes long. 


Normal company attendees can view the video.  Just people outside the organization cannot view them. 


Please help!!

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Hey William,
It should depend on how you have inserted the video into ppt, if you inserted it via a link from a SharePoint site, external folks not having permissions on the site can not view it. Download the videos on a local pc and try to upload them as offline files into the ppt and see of that helps.

@harveer singh 


The video was integrated into the PPTX then saved.  Basically, making the PPTX about 250meg.  then the entire PPTX was uploaded to the Teams meeting.   At no point was SharePoint used.   Actually the PPTX was designed for boardroom use, entirely self-contained. 


But as I said, only people within our company could view the video. The guests from outside the org only saw a black or the first frame of the video for the duration of the video played till the next slide was selected.