Sorting names alphabetically

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I can't seem to sort the names alphabetically in the "manage team" settings. However, it is possible to do so on the assignment tab. I'm currently using the MS Teams app for desktop.
It is a very simple tool that would make a huge difference to me. Please, implement it soon.
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@caiofran I'm having the same issue.  I saw a post on a different thread that indicates you should be able to sort a member list, but I don't see any way to do so.

@caiofran While it won't sort alphabetically for you with a single click, you can drag and drop each team in any order you wish. Just click & hold on the team name and drag to the desired location/position and let go. 



I've searched all of Microsoft tutorials.  NO ALPHABETICAL SORTING.  WTF?  Seriously Microsoft, how lazy do you have to be to not but alphabetical sorting function in for a list.  I think the first computer invented had this function.  Cavemen probably named and alphabetically sorted their wheels when they invented them.  

Holy cow, I just said screw it, I will manually reorder all my teams so that they are in alphabetical order.  I went to start moving them manually and you can only move the team to the top of the screen, NOT the top of the list.  So if I want to move something that is at the bottom of pages' worth of lists, I have to drag it to the top of the current screen, drop it, sroll that team to the bottom of my screen, then drag it to the top and drop again.  Then repeat multiple times to get to the top of the list.  RIDICULOUS microsoft.  Apple would never let this happen.



@caiofran This is a HUGE issue.  Any news?

It has been a year and a half since the question/suggestion was posed. Still no updates?  @caiofran 

Nope, Microsoft still sucks. :(

please add the ability to org has a new team every day-- it is impossible to keep up, esp if I cant sort alpha...





This is a needed feature. I have 30+ teams that I'm on. We have a naming convention (prefix), so projects and organizations and collaborations can be grouped, and if I could hit "sort A-Z", it would be SO NICE!




Impossible to do in any simple way and the solutions are extremely time-consuming! Soooooooo frustrating!

@caiofran maybe not super helpful but I did find that when I select the "Manage Teams" gear icon my Teams pop up in a separate window to the right of the Teams list and they are in alpha order!  I can then select the Team I want to work in at the moment.