SOLVED: Cannot see multiple participants video

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EDIT (6/15/21): This issue was resolved by going into the settings menu and disabling GPU hardware acceleration. Shoutout to the folks over on Reddit who mentioned this fix, which I found suggested nowhere else.

Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to look at this.

(Note: This is not affecting me, but three users in my company.)

I've been running into an issue where several users cannot see participants video feed when in a group call. This is not the case for 1-on-1 scenarios for them, I could call them and do a solo call and they'd be able to see my video feed fine. The moment a second person jumps in the call, the screens turn black. They can hear and talk fine, the video feed cuts out is all.

I've done some basic troubleshooting, specifically the following:


Logged out and back in.

Restarted the machine itself.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Teams.

Cleared the cache of Teams.

Verified Teams was up-to-date.

Upgrade one version of Teams from 32-bit to 64-bit.


The afflicted machines are all specifically running Windows 10, 64-bit. I'm running out of solutions and I'm hoping someone else has found a solution for this already. And before you ask, yes, I have looked at other discussions regarding this issue, but never found a solution that worked. Feel free to link any relevant ones as well.

EDIT: Thanks to ffarie for reminding about this. The issue is not present if the user goes into fullscreen, so there has been a workaround. It simply does not function correctly when in a smaller/windowed view.


Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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We have this happening in our office too. A workaround it to maximise teams or use an alternative view (Together mode/large gallery etc)
It seems to be happening more and more over the past week. Tried all the fixes above and still an issue
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@ffarieI found my issue got resolved by disabling GPU hardware acceleration in the Settings menu. Top-right menu next to the Profile icon, right into Settings. 3rd checkbox down on the first page should be "disable GPU Hardware acceleration". Restart Teams, and hopefully that will clear your issue!

Hi @BWelcher I also have this issue.  Thanks for your input on this.

I have tried "disable GPU Hardware acceleration" and restarted Teams, however this did not work. 

At the initial call connection I can see other attendees, however as people dropped in or out with video or when I share a document and return it gives me a black screen.  They can still see and hear me clearly.

I will try the full screen option - finger's crossed that works.