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Hi All,

Had a meeting yesterday and saw the 'Start Transcription' option under 'Start Recording' in the More Actions dropdown menu. 


Have to's awesome.


I am the organizer of a reoccurring morning meeting for our IT staff, and I would love to use the meeting transcription option during this meeting. Unfortunately, while this option was present in my meeting that was NOT reoccurring, it is not present in my reoccurring meetings.


Is there a reason for this? Do I need to create a new reoccurring meeting to get this option to populate the meeting dropdown menu?


Any ideas would be appreciated.




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Hi @CheWeigand   I don't know for sure but you might check your meeting policies pertaining to recurring meetings.  Manage meeting policies - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Anyone else in the community have a better idea?

Hi Therese,

Thanks for your response. My Teams Meeting policy settings were the first thing I checked. You need to have both the 'Allow transcription' and 'Allow cloud recording' turned on.

I have them on, and can see 'Start Transcription' in my meetings that are not re-occurring.
Would like to know if it's possible to have meeting transcriptions for a re-occurring meeting.