SHIFT + > not working anymore on desktop teams for quoting

Hi I used to be able to click SHIFT + > on my keyboard to create a quote box to achieve the same effect as 'replying' but on the desktop version on Teams. I accidentally clicked something the other day and now SHIFT + > will literally just enter a '>' instead of the quote box. How do I fix this?
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1. go to the message you want to quote.

2. right-click using your mouse and select the 3 dots ...

3. select Reply


It copies the whole message however, and I haven't figured out how to only quote part of a message.

The good news is that clicking on the quoted text will now take you to the original message, which you couldn't get with the Shift+> previously.



did they  remove the shortcut in order to  enable the  feature?

My keyboard shortcut  also stopped working but I see now the reply option

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Shift + > (Add a space after the greater-than symbol) this has worked for me in the new Teams update. 



``` (backtick button) + Add one space 

@Usr00 Indeed !
(I noticed [Shift+">"] disappeared too and I noticed the "Reply" feature with same limitation)
However, to quote part of a message, here is the (long-)way to go:

  1. Select [Ctrl+"A"] or [Triple-click] or [selection of part of message body] and copy  Ctrl+"C"
    the (part of) message you want to quote
  2. Go to the message input box, Open the text formatting bar "A+pencil" icon
    the formatting bar appears at the top of the input control
  3. Select the "Double Quote" icon (quote formatting)
    ... from here do what you did when you were using [Shift+">"] - i.e.
  4. Ctrl+"V" (paste) / Enter (twice) to leave the quoted body
    ... add your message -and/or-
    ... you can further edit the quoted message as well if you want

Limitation: no link to the original message as available in the "Reply" feature

Yes Shift + > and a space at end worked for me.
"Shift + > + spacebar"

Oh yes. I missed your point. Indeed "Shift + > + spacebar" works - thanks



Perfect mate! thanks for sharing across the new tips. been using the shift + > for ages and suddenly it stopped working and glad i found your answer, super helpful.

@georgeslanglois I think so as it is under testing.

Thank you so much! Shift + > + Space bar works flawlessly, i just need to get used to it now lol.