SharePoint team says the Teams Channel rename bug is fixed, but it doesn't appear to be

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The SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: March 2021 post (posted 3/31) included the following:



I've tested this in two different tenants (one standard, one early release) and the issue has not been resolved. There's no corresponding roadmap item, and no update has been posted to the two UserVoice items here and here.


Has anyone had luck seeing this fix in their tenant, or have any more info on when we can expect this to take effect? This is a huge problem that is causing lots of headaches in many orgs and has been on the backlog for around four years, so I'm excited to finally seeing it possibly getting resolved.

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Hello! That's major news and it sure sounds strange that this should be fixed without having heard a thing about it! I noticed you replied to the blog, I will certainly follow up on that. Thanks for the heads-up!

Just bumping this, as I was really hoping to hear from the product team on why this long-awaited bug fix was announced as fixed, but seemingly has not been. Thank you!

@PhoenixMS Yes @Mark Kashman really should reply to that, at least in the blog post, as it's far too big news. You can't post something like that and not follow up the questions.

We noted it as beginning to release within the latest roadmap pitstop blog. It is not at complete 100% rollout as of now. The fix was identified and making progress. Thanks for reaching out. The teams are working hard to ensure the integration between SharePoint and Teams is more seamless over time, and it helps to know those who have the updated experience are seeing progress, knowing that others do not have the experience yet. - Mark
Appreciate the response Mark, thanks!