Scheduling Meetings in Private Channels

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Can anyone confirm this this works, or indeed doesn't? I can't seem to schedule meetings into Private Channels, but can't find if this should actually work.



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Hi @sp-jmglade

Currently, you can't schedule meetings in private channels.

As stated in the article

We're continually adding capabilities to private channels so check back for the most up-to-date information regarding apps, channel meetings, and scaling private channels for large teams

You can however do meet now's in private channels

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks Chris,


I suspected so but thanks for confirming.

Hi @Christopher Hoard.

Do you know, when meetings for private channels will be available (aproximatelly, at least) ? Is it worthy to create new public channels and add users from private channels? Or is there a way how to change private channels to public?


Thank you


This is a super important feature especially in an educational setting. We need to be able to schedule a meeting with a select group of students that may need extra support or are on a modified curriculum. @Christopher Hoard 

Hi @djXXL and @aschembri

No timescale as of yet and not been picked up by the team.

I imagine it is planned simply because it is an obvious gap and the limitations of private channels are known. You can't convert private to public or vice versa so you would beed to create a new channel

Agree it's important for education and that scenario. I have voted on the uservoice. I think it's important

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Scheduling meetings in private channels is an important feature we're looking for in my group 

I work at a hospital

I hope Microsoft teams will prioritize this especially considering the fact that I found a lot of people online looking for this feature



@Christopher Hoard 


Very important!


Would be nice to be able to plan in advance and send out an invite.  My elementary school students and parents need to be able to plan ahead of time.  We are using a private channel so I am not distributing materials to the entire school that they shouldn't have access to, but when trying to meet - the impromptu MEET NOW function, going to be interesting.  Would also be nice if there was a way to invite the entire private group with the press of one button.

@sp-jmglade This video contains a work around for scheduling meetings in private channels.

Second this - I only got round to seeing this as I am clearing out the mailbox from old TC notifications. I have been using this the last few weeks. It's also a great solution for an emergency action when Live Events fail too. Always good to keep this one in the pocket :D

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  +1 for this functionality.   I support an IPT for contracts and ideally we could schedule meetings for the whole team of experts in various areas but also a allow a smaller group of people to meet to discuss close-hold or sensitive info.  Scheduling is essential, you cannot just meet at the drop of a hat! 

+1 for me.  I really need this feature.


@thisismikekane_neu thanks works really well

The ability to schedule meetings in Private (sub) channels is a must.

We use them a lot and it's a pain that you can't let people know in advance by way of scheduling the meeting rather than doing a meet now.

High priority I would say.,


Our private channels have been neglected because of just the problem.

We have to schedule the meetings in Outlook and lengthy explain how it works.

The no easy way for people to join the meeting.


Hope MS pay attention to this setback.

@Christopher Hoard 


This would be a very helpful feature (to schedule meeting using a private channel).  I'm constantly holding meetings with select members that are already in a private channel.  Thanks for any updates.

100% agree - a whole school team with then individual year group channels is the way we use it and want to have a meeting with just the year groups.

But this is also breaks down to individual tutor groups etc.

Please look at this as priority update.

the uservoice is here @sp-jmglade


I really can't understand why this isn't a thing.  It's a very basic feature that should be available. 

Please MS can you get this rolled out ASAP.




+ 1  for this request. Extremely important for geo located teams too.