Schedule Teams meetings for other people without attending


Hello everyone,


I am currently managing a huge project for which I need to set up all the meetings via Teams, but I am not meant to attend all of them. For now I have to start all the meetings myself as the organiser before dropping out, which is annoying.


Is there a way for me to set up a Teams meeting in which people from my organisation (who have an Office 365 licence) and other external users (without Teams installed or an Office 365 licence) can attend without me having to start it off?

I know that I can change the meeting settings to allow everyone to bypass the lobby, but it seems at least one member of my organisation has to conncect for all the other users to be able to start the meeting. However, some of these meetings are only for external users and it doesn't start until someone from my organisation connects.


Does anyone know if what I'm asking is yet possible on Teams?




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@Pierre-A02 Hello, are you saying this config is set using CsTeamsMeetingPolicy..


Everyone, if you'd like to admit anonymous users by default.


..but it doesn't work for an anonymous to start a meeting? I'm pretty sure I've tested this behavior previously and could start a meeting with an anonymous gmail account. But, I had to wait ~48 hours for the policy to take effect.



Hi, I saw your question and I have the same issue. Did you ever figure out how to do this?



Hello, just use the meeting lobby settings to decide who can enter the meeting directly without being admitted from the lobby.

Thank you for answering. It provided clarity but not the solution :)
I now read that "You won't be able to select someone from a different org as a presenter". So I guess I need to give this person, that I would like to admit others to join, different rights elsewhere.
Hello! While that is correct when sending the invite you can "upgrade" the individual from another org. to Presenter during the meeting.
But in this case I only want to send the invite and not participate to the meeting to do that.
Someone ought to moderate or be in charge of the meeting anyway right? Give him or her Presenter rights.
We back to the start, I don´t want to participate :-). Thank you for taking the time.

@Frank1960 OK, misunderstanding here. Who are you inviting? Only external org. users to have a meeting in your org? That doesn't seem reasonable. So when scheduling choose a person from your org. as a presenter from within the Meeting options so that person can change the role of the external user during the meeting. You don't have to participate, just be sure to set the lobby as needed.




You can also select "Anyone" as a Presenter, if you haven't noticed already.

"Anyone who has access to the meeting link will join the meeting as a presenter."

@ChristianBergstrom Our company has the same request. We are working with a client that wants our org to set up links for meetings even meetings we are not attending. We cannot go to every single meeting just to admit the external client. Is there a way to setup the meeting from our org for the members of another org to meet without our person needing to come in and unlock the doors so to speak?

Is there a bot that can start the meeting?

Yes, you can. Don’t need a bot. I actually explained how to do it above. It comes down to the meeting settings such as lobby and who can present if allowing ”Everyone” or not (or federated, guests if your client is that).


Thank you for this information. 


When I set up a meeting that I am not attending, it is inputted on my Outlook calendar. If I try to remove it, I'm canceling the whole meeting. Is there another way to schedule others without scheduling myself? I don't want to constantly second-guess which meetings on my calendar I need to attend vs. which ones I do not.


Thanks again for your help.

Hello, what's the use case here? Scheduling random meetings which you don't want to attend? If you need to second-guess perhaps somebody else should be the organizer.