Save Microsoft Teams Call Logs to Salesforce

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I've seen a few requests for saving Teams call logs to Salesforce.  We built a salesforce managed app to do just that.  We are looking for a few beta testers to try the app before we publish it to the AppExchange.  


UPDATE: Listing is in the AppExchange:

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@quotely hi, has there been any progress made with this is app? 


Yes, the app is done.  It's in Salesforce security review right now.  Once it's approved it will hit the AppExchange.  Based on how long it has taken them to approve previous apps I'm guessing 4-6 weeks.

It records Inbound and Outbound calls for all your Salesforce Users by using the Microsoft Graph API. It links the contacts called or received calls from to the Salesforce User / Teams User as the call logs are received.  It saves the calls as completed tasks and sets the call duration as well.  This will allow managers to report call numbers and call time.  We have a little bit of work to do to handle multiple contacts at one time as Teams reports that as a groupCall and not specifically a call.  If you have any suggestions on how you would save that in salesforce (how do you want to handle all the extra contacts or Salesforce Users that might be on a group call as saved in Teams). That's the last remaining roadmap item to complete.  It's more of an administrative question we need feedback on for call reporting.  Once we get enough feedback we can incorporate that as a minor code revision on the appexchange.  Please reply if you have any questions.  I can give you a demo if you would like.  

Hi @quotely

I'm really interested in the application you're developing and would appreciate a demo. Your approach to linking Teams call logs to Salesforce users has the potential to significantly streamline our processes.

I manage a Salesforce CRM system in a B2B setting. We handle both individual and group calls with our customers, encompassing activities such as upsell, renewal, customer success, as well as prospecting new leads. It's crucial for us to accurately log and report on all these types of calls.

In addition to tracking interactions with each individual, it would be beneficial if we could also log these calls against specific opportunities, Leads and Accounts in Salesforce. This could potentially work by allowing users to associate a call log with a specific opportunity or Lead post-call manually. Automating this process would be a big plus, for instance, if your system could identify relevant opportunities based on the contact or account related to the call. However, I understand this might be more complex, but it would be extremely valuable in our CRM system's context.

With regard to your question about group calls, my recommendation would be to treat each participant in the call as a separate entry in the call log. This would allow us to track interactions with each individual, regardless of whether the call was a group or individual call. Each entry could then be linked to the appropriate Salesforce user, contact, and if possible, the corresponding opportunity.

I understand that this approach might generate multiple entries for a single group call, but it would ensure we have a complete record of all interactions.

Please let me know when you could arrange the demo, I'm looking forward to seeing your application in action.

Best Regards,

We are extremely interested in exploring this offering. Please let me know any information you can share on how we might setup a POC and explore more on this solution.

hello, and thanks for the efforts in bring this app / feature to life.

What will it be called?

any update on the release on the app store?

will there be an alternative download option if we are unable to download it from the store for whatever reason?

I would be willing to test is still needed.

thanks again

@theBirring @quotely 

Any word on this App? I'm looking as well.





I'm also looking for this kind of solution. When will it be on the AppExchange? I'd also be willing to test if you're still looking for testers.



@Yannick03 I am waiting for the AppExchange approval process.  Stand by...  My guess is another week or two and we will be good to go.  I'll post in this once it's approved.  I'll make sure it gets listed in the AppExchange immediately after the approval process.  We developed the app out of necessity for ourselves.

@quotely Is there an update on when this will be released? Thanks for working on this!

The app just got approved by Salesforce to be listed on the App Exchange. I anticipate it being public later this week or first thing next week. Sorry for the delay. I will post an update after it's listed.
The app is called MS Teams Call Logs. I know, not a lot of creativity there. It just got approved by Salesforce. It will be live in the app exchange later in the week or first thing next week. Thanks for your patience.

@quotely Any updates on this? I just checked the AppExchange again and I am still not seeing "MS Teams Call Logs" available yet. Thanks!


@MelGill I'm waiting on Salesforce for one more approval.  It's coming.  Sorry for the delay.  Email me and i'll give you the link to install the package and the install instructions.  devin at 

Hey, I would love a link to install the package!
Shoot me an email devin at and i'll send you the package. I plan on releasing it next week in the app exchange. We had a minor bug that was identified by one of our pilot users. It's fixed and working now but I want to let it run for a few more days before we release it.