Recording a meeting with no attendees in Teams

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I want to make a video presentation that will be saved into the Teams feed and accessible to my Team. However, I will not need/want attendees. It will more be a quick 10 minute presentation.


I’ve recorded attended meetings like this before. Is it possible to do them solo? If I do so will all people in the Team automatically have permission to view it?

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I'd use "Live Event" to create the video, which can then be played back by whomever you choose at a later time
Yes! You can either record a normal meeting solo, then edit the permissions in Microsoft stream, or download and share. Directly from stream you can also record screen etc. Live events recordings will eventually get deleted if you aren’t downloading them. All depends on use case and need



you can go to Calendar > meet now > okay.


you will realize you are the only person invited to that meeting.


you now have all the functions of a normal meeting to use

Hi, @chious123 


I did this on teams and recorded a training and without thinking when I was done hit "end meeting" and cannot locate the video anywhere. It is not in my Microsoft Steam and I have no received an email saying "meeting recording is available"- Any idea if I can retrieve the video I just recorded?


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Hi @kgreer9  As of August 2021, Teams meeting recordings were no longer be saved to Microsoft Stream. Moving forward, all meeting recordings are saved to One Drive  and SharePoint


There's a section in this doc called "find recordings." Record a meeting in Teams (

Hi! Can you save then your presentation as mp4 or MOV file with subtitles/closed captions? I need to record a presentation incl captions as one file

@wedwards Live Event is not offered in my Teams


How do I find my recording though?