"D'oh something went wrong" Error 503

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Hi all,


I hope you can help me with this problem I am experiencing with trying to use Microsoft Teams.


I am an independent Supply Chain consultant and a potential client asked me to have a meeting via Microsoft Teams.


So I have installed the Free version of Microsoft Teams in my desktop and created a account (I have Microsoft Office 2013 in my computer, so I already had a Microsoft account which in this case it is a hotmail account). Then, when I tried to log in to MS Teams I got the message  "D'oh something went wrong" Error 503. I have tried multiple times (at least 10) and still haveing the same error.


Could you pls tell me why is this happening? and how could this be fixed?


Thanks you,


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Almost looks like a network issue! Can you try login via web client:
Or the mobile client?

Also, are you just participating in a teams meeting or you are setting one up yourself?


Can you sucessfully log into the web version of Teams?



Hi Sam,


Thank you, yes I was able to log in to the web version (link you provided). So, I will use this version.


Teams desktop version is not working.


Thank you for your help.




@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,


Thank you for your answer. Yes, I was able to log in to the web version of Teams.


I am participating in a team meeting (I presume they will invite me). Are there different technical requirements is you participate vs set up the meeting?


I thought the issue was related to me using a hotmail/gmail account instead of a company/university domain email.



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You don’t need to set up a trial version to participate! They can invite your email address and you can join via a browser or use the desktop version without signing in!

@adam deltinger 


Thank you for the information Adam!