Production Capabilities no longer supported (NDI) on Apple Silicon?

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Have Production Capabilities (and NDI support in particular) been removed from the latest version of Teams when running on Apple Silicon?


Teams just updated itself to version and on my Apple Silicon machines I get the error "Production Capabilities is not supported" when I attempt to enable NDI support (see screen cap).  This used to work fine (presumably via Rosetta).

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 17.41.42.png

Intel Macs have also upgraded to version, do not seem to have the problem, and can enable NDI as normal.


Anyone else seeing this, does anyone have any ideas?

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Hey, we had this same issue and found the solution that worked for now was to uninstall Teams, clear the cache on the Mac and reinstall.


Unfortunately that appears to reinstall (the intel build), as soon as it auto-updates (to then Production Capabilities becomes unavailable once more.