Problems with Teams on IPad

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Hello I’m grateful for any help! I’m new to ms Teams (a zoom user generally) and I am having trouble finding a simple and reliable way to host a video group Teams meeting using iPad app. Part of the issue is the people I need to invite are not in my organisation I.e. they are all ‘guests’. For example today I was scheduled to host a meeting with 7 such guests that I had set up an invite with on outlook calendar. However when I opened the app I couldn’t find any icon to actually start the meeting? The participants also told me that no link arrived with my original invite. I’d be really grateful for a walk through on how to invite guests to a scheduled video meeting using the iPad app. :folded_hands: Duncan

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You said you used Outlook to schedule the meeting, is it mobile or desktop? Also is this free Teams or paid full Microsoft 365 tenant Teams account? If it's free you cannot schedule with Outlook, but I'd have to check free Teams meetings from mobile if it's supported or not, I know you can from desktop schedule a meeting.

Anyway, let me know.

Thanks for your reply Chris. I don’t remember unfortunately whether I set up the invite on outlook on my MacBook (Safari) or on my iPad outlook app? DoEs it make a difference? In answer to your question I was using my University account ...not a free personal account ( although I do have one but wasn’t sure I could use Teams with a personal account?).

My basic problem today was that my iPad Teams app clearly showed in its calendar my Teams meeting was on....but nowhere on the Teams app could I see an icon or button to start the meeting? 

If the join button isn’t there then open the invite and there should be a join meeting link in the body of the invite. If there isn’t then you did not add the Teams meeting to the outlook invite. The reason I asked was in case you used personal teams I could see if it was even possible on iPad.

Anyway the meeting should have the link in the invite but since you nor anyone else received it I believe you forgot to toggle the online/teams meeting option on the meeting invite.