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The following MS article details how long a user-configured presence status lasts. Where can I edit these durations in the Teams Admin center to make them longer or shorter globally?





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@techieg4  - open Teams settings from the teams app --> Set status message -



@Deleted Thanks for the response but my question is to be able to globally change this defaults across the organization in "Teams Admin Center", not on an individual Teams app.

@techieg4 It's not possible, there isn't a policy to configure the duration choices.


I must admit I can't really think why you would want to change them, what are you trying to achieve?

@Steven Collier Well, a tiny minority of folks tend to be mischievious with this functionality to go stealth for an inordinate duration, when they actually aren't available at all, such as my current Stanford CTO, who has been useless. If I can modify the duration, it'll better reflect reality.

On second thought, if it's coming down to this, I think it's better I let this guy go since he has had more than enough opportunities (since January 2023 onboarding) to complete one 2-week spirnt deliverable (I know, I should've known/offboarded him months ago) instead of let myself be dragged down this unsustainable rabbithole. I need a CTO with the right/scrappy mindset instead. I shouldn't need this or anything else other than timely deliverables to indicate/track performance. Not going to make the same mistake twice!