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Hello Techhelp


When I’m in a Team meeting (not on a channel) I can launch a quick poll (Forms) or start the Forms bot (@Forms), by clicking on the 3 dots in het meeting chat.

When I’m in a Team meeting in a Teams Channel nothing happens when I’m clicking on the 3 dots in the meeting chat. I cannot start the bot either.

Is it because my Organisation is blocking these extra options? Something that is disabled by the admins? Or are these options not available in Team Channel Meetings?

In both cases I am the meeting organizer.


Thanks in advance for clarifying

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Hi, I'm pretty sure Polls in channel meetings are still being worked on. But if I recall correctly it should be available rather soon.


In the meantime, please vote on this item in Uservoice: Allow Live Polls in Channel Meetings – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

thank you!
No worries! Will update this post if I find something new (can't verify it which I normally do).

It’s so confusing because in a Teams Channel post/chat we can use them.
I always thougt that when it is possible to use it on a post in a Teams channel, it can also be used in the chat of the teams channel meeting. All is stored in the same place, the channel post.
Keep me posted :smile: