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Hello all,


Does anyone have any information on when Private Channels will get Planners? 


Teams is a collaborative tool, but you can't assign tasks to people in private channels due to the lack of planners.


Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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@Chris Webb I tried this solution, but it did not really work out for me. First of all, because when I create a shared plan in the Planner, I can only create it on the General channel (the only public channel) hence it would be visible to everybody in the Team (something I wanted to avoid). Secondly, adding the link of the shared plan to the private channel did not really work out for me, as it prompts users to chose how they want to open the link, and nothing really happens when you click on the "Launch it now" link. I can only open it in a browser, which is quite inconvenient... So I wouldn't really call this a workaround, more like a garage-tuning-type "solution".


But thanks for the idea anyways! It's a pity that Microsoft limits the option of Planner for public channels. I second on what someone told before me: also in our organisation it is not so easy the request a new Team for each project, so it would be great to be able to have only one Team (with different private channels) for minor projects.



Microsoft folks, any update on making available Planner for Private Channels?

There are so many limitations on Private Channels, that they are often useless. I don't want to create a private Team each time I want to have an activity for a subset of my Team!!!
Microsoft Teams is clearly a mess as it is trying to combine old technologies and products: SharePoint & Outlook with a modern Groups/Channels/IM app. I can easily guess that the limitation for Planner being available on Private Channels is because the access permissions are related to ActiveDirectory management of the permissions.

Aaaah Microsoft, half-a$$ solutions is what render your products painful and useless.

Bonjour, je souhaiterai que Planner et Forms soit disponible dans les canaux privés. @MJKsotech 

@Cline_B @MJKsotech @BobMyself and all: I would encourage you to vote on this Uservoice item, which shows that this feature is Under Review.  After you do, you'll get updates on its progress: Create Planner tabs within Private Channels – Welcome to UserVoice!


Thank you.

@JesseIT740 when I tried your workaround (using the website link to add a planner as a tab on a private channel), it showed all of my planners. Is there a way to isolate this to just one plan?

@Chris Webb Hi, its 2021 - are planners available for private channels yet?  If I have 500 people in General Team and create private channel (team) with 10 people - I am not able to quickly select one of the ten people names to filter tasks and see 500 people in my planner who have nothing to do with the work.  Any thoughts on how to proceed to take advantage of the planner function for smaller teams in private channels?

I just ran into this limitation today. Painful to see that it has been discussed for so long without proper functionality implemented in Teams. :(
I tried to vote on this, but the link you shared did not bring me to this thread, I couldn't even find the Create Planner tabs thread using the search option. :(
Found it! This is the correct link (as of now, 16 Nov 2021):
The last update (27 days ago) from Microsoft is that they're reviewing the problem. You may subscribe for updates on this at this link (as well as upvoting the request):
I've voted and vented mu frustration too
What is the difference between a private channel and public channel that prevents the addition of the planner?


Well, inside a Teams you can create different channels. The contents of normal channels are visible to **everybody** inside that given Teams. You can create however a so-called private channel, where contents are only visible to a defined group of users (the members of that private channels), not for the rest of your Teams. This would be an ideal solution in organisations where the creation of new Teams is limited, and/or where there are lots of smaller-size projects. For a smaller project you might not want/be able to create a new Teams, a private channel would be a great solution, except that you can not use the Planner function (for some reason) within private channels, even though it's a useful planning feature, especially for teamwork.

Hope this clarifies the problem.

We need this and customizable permissions for Plans ASAP.

Voted!! We have a real need for Planner to be available in Private Channels.

Any update would be greatly appreciated...
Hi Everyone!
I think I've found a great workaround by using SharePoint Online Lists (available in private channels too).
We can now customise sharepoint online lists to look like a Microsoft Planner Kanban Board.
Essentially we can have all the functionality of Planner but customise and add as many fields as we want & have all the rich text formatting & security features that Planner can't offer at this time. Triggers available with Power Automate might make this an absolute Power House.
Hi just wondering if there is any update on Planner in private channels.
We mainly use channels for managing different projects and without the ability to use Planner in private channels, and in the upcoming shared channels, they are useless to us. Planner in private and shared channels is something that Microsoft need to work on if they want the use of private and shared channels to bloom!

Dear Microsoft, Are you able to advise an ETA on when this development might be released?

It would be incredibly helpful functionality

Many Thanks