Outlook not showing presence status for federated users

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Hello everyone,


Recently I have been noticing that I can't see a presence for federated users (Teams external users).

from the Teams, I can see their presence.

but outlook show them -"presence unknown"



For some of my customers, I can see their presence on the outlook.

my Coexistence mode - Teams Only ( also my federated users).

also, my Teams register as a chat app.

and I configure Teams as the chat app.


I found this information in Microsoft - 

Click here   


I followed their solution but the issue still exists.


any idea?


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@ElazarOhayon Hello, did you really read the article you referred to? 


"Outlook currently shows Status unknown for federated (external) Teams contacts."

Hello ChristianJBergstrom
So you said their Resolution not related to this Symptom -
"Outlook currently shows Status unknown for federated (external) Teams contacts."

just to :
The presence indicator is not visible.

The displayed presence is incorrect.

The presence status is Status unknown.
Is there an update on this issue - "Outlook is currently displaying an unknown status for unified (external) group contacts."

thanks for your help.

I dont work for Microsoft. Open up a support ticket as the article also mentions for more info.