Outgoing Teams call never stops ringing on the caller's side

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This started with just a couple users a couple days ago now it's spreading.


  • Person A Calls Person B via Teams Windows Desktop application.
  • Person B Answers.
  • Person A still hears ringing on their end.  Ending the call does not stop ringing sound, they have to quit the application.
  • Ringing stops on Person B's side after the call is answered.
  • If person B calls Person A back the same thing happens to Person B.
  • Person A calls Person C and the problem does not exist.

We've tried:

  • Using a different device on both ends
  • Reimaging the computer on both ends
  • Patch Teams (there was no update)
  • Moving to a different network (phone hotspot)
  • Making sure Teams wasn't installed or logged into on any other devices as these users.
  • Looked at policies in Teams Admin center and they match for users with and without the issue.
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Having this exact same issue with a few users also.
It seems to be only only internal calls for us, and only a select few users.
Hoping microsoft will acknowledge the issue and release a patch soon as it's very annoying!