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Previously I used to be able to upload files and get a link to it that when I put in wiki as a reference, the file would open in MS teams. It was giving a link ( This hyperlink would open in MS teams and was greatly convenient. Now something has changed and when I try to get a link for an uploaded file it gives me a sharepoint link ( to that file which when you click in wiki doesnt open in MS teams but rather takes you to sharepoint webpage.  


Is there a way for me to get a link to the file but that link is a so that I can open the file within MS teams? The older links to file I have in this format work, but I cant get the link to it. Previously when you tried to get a link MS teams gave you the option of either choosing the MS teams link or the sharepoint link but now I can only get the sharepoint link which I dont want!

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In my testing, still, the "Get link" function supports two types of links (Teams and SharePoint links), but only for the specific type of files (ex: Excel, Word, etc) which can be opened from Teams client. 


Hope you can get Teams URL only for Office files (Excel, Word, PDF, PPTX) and when you try the "Get link" feature for image files (ex: .png), you will see the SharePoint URL alone.


@Kevin Morgan has this now changed? I'm only getting the Sharepoint one, I'm testing with .docx files. This means the links open within your browser, rather than within Teams, which is what I want. Existing Teams links still work, but I can't seem to create new ones.




In my latest testing, still the Get Link (Copy link) for .docx file working fine.



@Kevin Morgan I tried it at home last night on the free version, and still get the two options. Can it be disabled by admin?


@Kevin Morgan Just noticed a difference, in your image, the option is "Get Link". Our only option is "Copy Link".