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Hi, is it possible to open an autocad drawing in Teams? When i go in my team files  i want to be able to click the drawing and open in autocad. Thanks

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Hi @Jraby   this article doesn't actually mention Teams but it does mention Sharepoint, which is the file storage medium for Teams.  Worth a look? Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

For many teams focused on architecture, engineering, and manufacturing, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are key to their workflow. By storing CAD drawings and DWG files in OneDrive and SharePoint, teams get the benefit of industry leading mobile and desktop applications, enterprise-grade compliance, and innovative collaboration capabilities. By tightly integrating tools and files together, tasks get simpler, you can stay in your flow, and you can integrate your data with business processes. For these teams, deeper connections between key business tools to files can transform how they work.
These new integrations with Autodesk—an innovator in the CAD industry—connect OneDrive and SharePoint to the drafting tools available through AutoCAD. As you work with DWG files across these applications, new integrated actions will allow you to open and edit DWG files in the AutoCAD desktop application, the AutoCAD mobile app, and the new AutoCAD web app—in just a few clicks.

The question that needs to be answered is how do we open the AutoCAD drawing in the app from Teams.  We do not want to use a mobile app but the actual AutoCAD software.  Currently you have to download the file, work on it, then save it back to Teams.  This creates more work and defeats the purpose of Teams.  Please advise  @Snehal_Harshe 

@Beem01I also have this problem is there a fix for it or an add on that can help? 

@Jraby we are currently also looking at this in our business. We do not use autocad but produce and edit .DWG files in specialist cad software. Currently testing only using teams but if we right click on the .DWG file within teams then choose the option to open in app the file opens in your default .DWG software or viewer. It works best however only if we choose to sync the folder first. 


We also use Asta Powerproject with a .pp extension. This method also seems to work although we have had some session errors.