One Account Unable to Show Video No Matter Platform

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We are new to Microsoft Teams and have most of our department using it currently. I have one account that cannot show their video. No one else is having the issue and not aware of any policies that would be preventing them from showing their video. I have had them try on their Mac, iPhone, and Windows system using the app, but it will not work. They get a message that "video sharing is disabled by the administrator". Nothing that I did and nothing that I can find to enable for them. I have searched settings, policies, and looked at their direct account, but cannot find anything that would be preventing them from sharing video. Everything I see for them compares identical to other accounts.


I had them try going through and had the same issue. Again, on there tried browsers on Mac and Windows, but still had the same message it was disabled by the administrator.


Has anyone else come across this or have any ideas on how to resolve the issue so they can use video and connect with others using video on Microsoft Teams?


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Can anybody help with this issue? Anyone have any suggestions or experienced this with an account on your Teams?