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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Notify when available in Chat more accessible (Desktop App)

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When I want to set the 'Notify when available' option on a Teams Chat contact, it works smooth for someone atop my recent list. But when I search for a contact and they are way down on my recent list, then it is a lot harder to add that notification. I have to scroll through the conversation and find them, then add that option. It would be nice to have it available on the right side (in the chat area for that contact) to be able to apply it right then and there.

  • My current example is that I need to connect with a contact who I have not messaged in Teams in about 8 months. So she is way down on my list, but I can pull up our conversation easily by searching for her. However, I cannot add that notification without scrolling through to select the ellipsis next to her name in the chat pane. Would like to have that ellipsis elsewhere.

If I'm missing some key piece of functionality that makes this available, then please let me know.


Below is another post that I found talking about this functionality where the notification keeps coming even after you've communicated with the person. I think having the option to turn it off from the chat with them would be nice.


Update Status Quickly | Timer for Notify When Available | Add to Left Tab - Microsoft Tech Community


I added a screen shot to convey the point I'm trying to make. If the contact I want the notification set on is visible in my list, then it's an easy process of clicking the ellipsis and selecting 'Notify when available'. However, as I've indicated on the contact that I have selected, the last conversation was from June 2020, so it is quite a ways down the list in my Chats. I'd like to have an ellipsis next to the tabs (Chat, Files, etc.) to have similar menu options to choose from right from that contact.

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@Jake Gustafson, this might not do the trick for you but you actually can set the notification through profile picture > settings >  notifications > people (while writing I noticed how long this way is) - but just in case this fits better to your workflow.


However you should definelty take a look at the UserVoice, I think this request suits your needs and already has at least some votes on it, so make sure to vote too! :)

"Notify when available" button in personal chat – Microsoft Teams UserVoice



@seidenbergsven thanks. That is a good workaround to know about and as you said, lots of click events to make it happen, but might be less painful than finding the person in the left navigation area. I voted for the item you provided, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the response.