Notifications during calls or meetings not coming

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Hello all. So since recently my Microsoft Teams has decided that it doesn't want to show me any call notifications when I'm in a meeting or in another call. All I get is the missed call notification, at the end of the meeting I'm in. This is for both my mobile and my desktop. I've checked all possible settings, but I didn't find any option about this. 


What can be the cause and how do i reenable the call notifications during other calls?

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@andreamiclausig So did you check in Teams desktop under Settings > Notifications > Meetings and Calls > Mute Notifications during meetings and calls and


On mobile User Picture > Notifications > Block Notifications > When in meetings ?


Also, depending on how your admin has configured your calling policy you could have Busy on Busy set that will stop you being interrupted during an existing call.

Thanks Steven. Yes, I've checked both settings on both devices. So there's no setting to reenable notifications if I'm busy?

@andreamiclausig Busy on Busy is a setting your tenant admin can control, and isn't the default. You can't override it as a user. Some organizations decide they prefer the legacy experience of giving a busy tone rather than an option to leave a message etc.