Not able to see other's screens when they share

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For some reason on the classic Teams for Business client, there weren't many issues and I was basically able to use it perfectly. After the transition to the New Teams, my experience has been a little more interesting. Now whenever my coworkers share their screens with me, it's simply a blank screen. Not a black/white screen, but nothing shows up at all. It's as if the application won't retrieve the screen share at all. Potential solutions I've tried are as follows:


  • Rebooted PC
  • Reinstalled the new Teams app
  • Cleared the Teams cache
  • Had our admin enable org-wide full screen sharing


Despite this, screens being shared to me won't show up. Others are able to see my screen, however. In addition, other coworkers could see each other's screens as well. It's a very confusing issue.

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