No button to un mirror my video on Microsoft teams

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I'm on macOS Monterey 12.5 and its camera automatically invert as a preview. I don't want this function since my face is asymmetrical and it will look uncanny if I can't see my self the way the other sees me. As you can see from the screen, there is no switch button to turn off this function as suggested in many tutorials.


I can normally see myself the un-mirrored view using Zoom though. How can I fix this without additional programme set up?




FYI, I tried turning on and off the "Auto Flip New Items" in iMac but it has nothing to do with the self-view perspective. I'll only flip the video after you saved it. I'm looking for a function that will allow me to see myself while I'm recording or in the meeting.

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See here


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In Monterey does it have the ability to Pin and Hide Your Own Video? PYOV is designed to see yourself whilst in the meeting. Obviously it's there for Windows but don't know whether its there in Monterrey 12.5


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