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I have installed Teams for over a month now, but since a week I have the following problem: 'I can't select any Audio devices in the app'. I only can select on the top custom setup, but for the speaker and microphone option, I have no options as seen in the first picture. So when I try to perform a test call, I even can't do that (as seen in the second picture). This issue just randomly started. I already reinstalled my teams and removed all of the audio devices. Does anyone has a solution?

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@Axel_ParolI had exactly the same issue, tried removing, manually cleaning out temp files, etc...


After every fresh re-install I had the same problem - in devices I just saw "Custom Setup" under audio and I couldn't change it..


Today I decided to try again and sure enough, it displayed the same problem.  By pure chance I got distracted and left my PC unattended for around half an hour, and when I came back to it, it had populated the audio settings with my headset. 


I don't think I'd ever tried leaving it in the hope it would change things, maybe worth a try?

I'm having the same issue. Very buggy behaviour of late.  Not sure if a Windows 10 problem or Teams, either way, hey MSFT WTF? Audio troubleshooter does nothing but run endlessly.


I had the same issue with the online version, I downloaded the desktop app and it works as expected.

@Tyler_B1210 Any solution to this problem? I can't use Teams as I have no devices except the indication of custom setup :(

So I eventually got to the bottom of it on my machine. I have an Elgato 4k60 HDMI capture card and I had the thought to try disabling this device. After this, I was able to select my audio/video devices in Teams without any problem.

Thankfully I use the capture card rarely, so this workaround is good enough for me..