New Logitech TAP Rooms does not appear in Teams Rooms devices

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We're attempting to install the TAP Rooms solution - but the device does not appear in the Teams Rooms devices (though we could initiate a call).

What our setup is: On Premise Exchange (2016 CU12), domain synched to AAD.

Steps I took: created user in local AD, synched correctly to AAD. Created Room mailbox as per following guide:

Currently I enabled a 30 day trial Teams Rooms license and have Teams Exploratory assigned to the Rooms account. One thing I am not certain of is if this is enough at least for a trial setup (Teams Exploratory instead of a Microsoft 365 Basic license for ex.) so please confirm if I need any other license at least for trial purposes.

After having setup the account on the Tap (did not join it to AD) it doesn't appear in the Teams Rooms Devices. The account is correctly "disabled" both in local AD and in AAD and is listed as a resource in the on premise ECP.

Any pointers or heads up on what could be wrong? Should I try to scrap the user account and recreate it from scratch? Maybe it's due to the fact that we have only on premise mailboxes and only synch AD users to AAD so this Exchange resource account (Room) does not synch correctly to the Teams Admin portal for some reason? I've also noticed that it is not listed as a device under the 365 admin panel.


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Update: after 24hrs the device appeared under the Teams Rooms Devices. As a side note, I had to enable the account to successfully let the TAP log in (by default creating a resource the account is disabled). Additionally, I also have a native O365 tenant (no Exchange on Premise) and here the same device once added as a device has log in enabled so I guess this is the way to go. So 2 things to note respect to the official setup guide I followed: 1) once the resource account has been created and synched, be sure to enable the account. 2) Wait for 24hrs if the device does not appear under the registered Teams Rooms devices.