Need to see overview of all tasks in team, but I cannot see "all your lists" tab

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Trying to see an overview of all tasks within a team. I know how to view the tasks by plan, but not tasks in multiple plans at the same time. I have looked at the following article which implies that this should be possible, but the problem is I cannot see "all your lists" tab in Tasks for teams.


I do NOT want to publish lists (because the lists need to remain dynamic as they are ever-changing), just want to be able to see "all your lists" so that I can track tasks across plans. I am the owner of the team and an admin. I had thought that being the owner would mean I would also be a member as this is the way set it up (public channels within teams containing plans). Is there something I am missing? Do I need to set up a hierarchy just to see the "all your lists" tab? I do not think this is the case. Please help. Many thanks

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