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I have a specific question around MS Teams Whiteboard. The functionality is great to have but many of the educators I work with, would have very specific things to draw on the board that is hard to draw using a mouse. Are there pen tablets out there that will definitely work with MS Teams Whiteboard to allow educators to draw more complex things with their class? I have looked at Wacom pen tablets but I can't seem to find a definite answer for this question.


Any insight would be amazing!

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Hello @RenataDory323  Whiteboard is available for all the devices running Windows 10. You want to use the external device and software like writing board to work together with whiteboard, it may depend on the compatibility of external devices or software with the Windows 10 system. You can contact related Support when you have issue.


This is the reference


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Do you mean that you want to draw diagrams using Whiteboard in MS Teams for business with a Wacom tablet?


I think it's Okya ,  I use a XP-PEN Deco 01 ( like wacom intuos ) digital drawing pad and can use it as a whiteboard software ( Microsoft whiteboard  )  input device .

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I use a XP-Pen Deco 01 v 02 with the MS whiteboard app rather than the MS Teams whiteboard. The app has a little more functionality such as a ruler and an "ink to shape" function, both of which I find useful.

@David_Thew How do you get the XP Pen Deco wheel to work in Whiteboard? All of the tablet functions seem to work in whiteboard, except the wheel, but the wheel works in other programs. Any guidance would be very much appreciated. 

Does anyone know if a Huion Writing Tablet can work along with Microsoft Teams? @RenataDory323 

yes MS whiteboard and Teams whiteboard work with Huion writing pad. I recently bought one and it works out of the box, plug and play

@RenataDory323  I am using a HP EliteBook x360 which can be turned into a tablet together with the HP Pen. The Whiteboard can be used easily with the pen. Hope this helps.



Does anyone know of full size smart whiteboards that are compatible with Microsoft whiteboard? We have schedules for our install teams on regular whiteboards that we would like to be able to change on for our other locations from our central branch via smart whiteboards but aren't having much luck finding the right equipment.

Hi @BrittneyCampbell ,


Yes, the Huion Writing Tablet can work with Microsoft Teams. However, it's important to note that the Huion Writing Tablet is primarily designed as a drawing tablet and may not have specific integration features with Microsoft Teams.

When using the Huion Writing Tablet with Microsoft Teams, it will function as a standard input device for your computer. You can use it to write or draw on the tablet surface, and the input will be recognized by your computer as if you were using a mouse or a pen input.

In Microsoft Teams, you can utilize the Huion Writing Tablet during meetings or video calls in various ways:

1. Whiteboard Collaboration: During a Teams meeting, you can share your screen and use the Huion Writing Tablet to draw or annotate on the shared whiteboard. This allows you to visually communicate ideas or collaborate with others in real-time.

2. Note-Taking: If you prefer to take handwritten notes during a Teams meeting, you can use the Huion Writing Tablet as a digital notepad. You can use applications like OneNote or any other note-taking app to write or type notes using the tablet.

3. Chat and Messaging: The Huion Writing Tablet can also be used for text input in the chat or messaging features of Microsoft Teams. Instead of typing on a keyboard, you can use the tablet to write messages or responses.

To use the Huion Writing Tablet effectively with Microsoft Teams, ensure that you have installed the necessary drivers or software provided by Huion on your computer. This will enable your computer to recognize the tablet and its input accurately.

Remember, the functionality of the Huion Writing Tablet in Microsoft Teams may depend on the specific features and capabilities of the tablet, as well as the software and drivers installed on your computer. It's recommended to consult the Huion product documentation or support resources for any specific instructions or troubleshooting related to using the tablet with Microsoft Teams.




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