MS Teams Noise suppression degradation in version

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Has anyone else noticed a recent degradation in the effectiveness of the MS Teams Noise Suppression functionality since version I was updated to that version on 6/6/2023. Since then teammates have commented multiple times that they can hear background noises when my mic is open that previously were filtered out. In the past we have marveled at how well the noise suppression has worked, but it's been the opposite for me for the past few days.


ftr, I have tried changing the Device settings from "Auto" to "High" without any apparent impact.


I should note that I am using a MacBook Pro M1, running Mac OS (Ventura) 13.4

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I just tried a very simple and limited test with my teammates in which I tried each of the noise suppression settings and did some light tapping of the keyboard keys. In the past, the noise suppression seemed to do a pretty good job of filtering out typing noise unless it was aggressive. The settings seemed to have little to no impact on my teammates ability to hear my typing during the test. They suggested the "low" setting was the best, but not by much. It's possible I just typed a little bit lighter when trying that setting.

The problem appears to have been resolved with a computer reboot.

Note to self - reboot more often.