MS Teams - How to edit or add new Presence status options

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Looking to use MS Teams as basically a workforce In/Out board. Is there a way to edit or add more presence status options for example Working - Head office, Working from Home, On Leave etc rather than the standard Available, Busy etc options. 


Would MS Graph be the best way to pull this information into a dashboard view for managers? 


Thank you in advance

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Hello, this is a highly requested feature currently "on the backlog". You can vote on it to stay updated when status changes (you'll be notified).

@ChristianBergstrom Brilliant thank you so much Christian :)


Did you get any positive movement on this request.  I would love this feature and would like to know if you hear any new information on it.

As the above linked UserVoice has been discontinued the requests related to presence and status are now in the new feedback portal, so go there and vote
this would be incredibly helpful. Just a 'working elsewhere' presence mode with the same functionality as 'Available" with a different icon (circle) would be a good fix.
this link is not working,
anybody @microsoft working on this issue (MS Teams - How to edit or add new Presence status options) ?
This would be a great feature. In addition we should be able to disable user status types we don't want used in our organizations.

Microsoft, is anyone working on this?

We would like to have a status called "At Office",


Setting that status would make it possible to share with a group of colleagues in teams or power apps if people are at the Office or working from home. For instance, I would like to go to the office if my best colleagues are in today.