MS Teams - General Channel says I stopped sharing the channel with the team

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Help! MS Teams shows in the General Channel that I stopped sharing the channel with the team. There is no option to even do that when I review the channel settings, especially for the General channel. I do not know if this means my colleagues and boss can no longer see new content? or old content. I was adjusting the settings in SharePoint to make it more visually appealing but did not attempt to stop sharing this channel. Does anyone know what it actually means in terms of what other users can/can't do with the General Channel? Or how to fix this? 

The date it shows that I stopped sharing the channel I had removed from SharePoint access two colleagues that had already been removed from the Teams Group on another date; could that be the reason?


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Seeing this issue as well, "<user> stopped sharing the channel with the team."
seeing this issue as well - I made no changes to permissions. I only moved some files both via Teams app, and opening certain folders in Sharepoint, and tried to rename certain subchannels (and realised they don't sync with Sharepoint library, so frustrating
This has happened to me as well when I deleted a sub channel. The message is on the General channel

@FH2022This happened to me as well today. i created a new channel under the team and the message showed up in general channel. Its not clear what this means and the impact.

Same. Hoping someone comes with a fix soon - so far I haven't found any in my searches. It's been like this for a month.

@tstewart171295 Thank you. I had deleted a sub channel so I think that might have been what triggered it on my end. Also since then, I have confirmed with other owners and current members of the Team that they can all see the prior and new content of the General Channel and the same alert message but it does not appear to have impacted visibility for anyone that is supposed to see the content/ access the General channel.


@FH2022 Thank you.  I had the same experience - the message is for the deleted channel but doesn't specify that

If you deleted a channel from the group, it will show this "(your name) stopped sharing the channel with the team." in teams activity


I just noticed this message today on the General channel > Posts tab of one of my teams in Teams on March 3, 2022, and again on March 8, 2022.

I do recall that I created and deleted a public channel on each of those dates.

My presumption is that the 'warning' message was triggered when I deleted another channel (not General) within the team, and it does not indicate the General channel is no longer being shared.


Note to Microsoft:  If the above is true, the message would be more effective if it included the actual channel name that was deleted, i.e. "... stopped sharing the DeletedChannelName channel with the team."