Missing "Share content" button in MS Teams Live event

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I'm a producer on a MS Teams Live event - but I have no option to share content. I've watched the producer guidance and I should have a SHARE button above MUTE ALL, but I don't! Any ideas about how to rectify it? (My fellow producer doesn't have the button either). Thank you so much!

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@Laura2021 Are you able to share content in a regular Teams meeting (not a Live Event). If not, might need to check with your Admin to see if they disabled sharing:



In my Teams live tenant the share content button is back up top like it is in a normal teams meeting. It is no longer down by the mute all button.
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@Kevin_Temp Great point - it would look like this in the new popped-out producer window:



@Bryan Nyce @Kevin_Temp  Thank you SO much for replying :) I have the share screen icon, and if I hit that, I can go straight into screen sharing. But when I've used this before (months ago!!) I could queue content, so where the screen on the left says "Add video or content from below" - I could click the SHARE button, l select a presentation, then it would appear under content (below the screens) and I could queue it, so it's ready to send live.

What I'd like to do is queue an introduction video which says "Thanks for joining, we'll be starting soon" that I can send it live while we're waiting for attendees to join and still be able to see the whole of my producer screen! Is this still a function?

If not, I might just need to rope in another producer to share their screen so that I can manage the queue while they share the content?! Thank you!

I have the same exact issue! I can't queue stuff if I use the top share button. Anything that is clicked from the top share is automatically sent to the live screen.
@JMG2021 exactly, it's really frustrating as this didn't use to be an issue, but it's reassuring that I'm not the only person struggling with this, so thank you so much for your comment! I just hope someone might be able to explain how we can resolve this so we can queue content again?!

We have never supported the ability to queue shared content - the first time you share, you can select to have it available in the queue section, and then live - but once shared content is live, any additional sharing of content would indeed go directly to live. We have this is our backlog to address later this CY.


You can share your screen (or app, or second monitor) and still have the producer window available.

@Bryan Nyce thanks Bryan, but I can't share my screen and still have the producer window available - that's the whole problem unfortunately... This Microsoft producer demo clearly shows that you can add a presentation to the CONTENT section at the bottom and then queue it, before sending it live: I can't do this because there is no SHARE button, so I can't upload a PowerPoint to the CONTENT section - the only option I have is at the top right, to share my screen immediately - which works but it means I can't see my producer screen or the Q&A box etc. I can only see the PowerPoint I'm sharing. And I can't work out why I don't have the SHARE button that features in the demo and that I've used before :(

@Laura2021 The reason you don't see that specific Share button (from the video) is because that is from the older version of the producer console. We released a new version (it pops out as well) which includes the new Share tray (which is in the upper right, as you noted). When I click this I am presented with a selection of which desktop/window I would like to share:


I can then select something (in this case my second monitor) and add it to the queue (notice my producer window is still available):


And then send it live. Now, a few other notes:

1. Once desktop sharing is live, the next person to share content will automatically go live - that is by design, always been this way with Live Events (we don't have a way yet to queue up multiple screen shares).

2. You cannot upload a PowerPoint in a Live Event - we only support sharing of the desktop, or window/app.


What are you seeing when you start sharing? Does the producer window minimize  to the call monitor in the lower right? If so, you can click that to bring the producer window back into focus.

Thank you so much for your help @Bryan Nyce (sorry for the slow reply, I've been on annual leave!). I think my problem is that I only have one monitor, so when I share the PowerPoint and put it on slideshow mode, it covers the entirety of my screen so I can't see the producer window at all (not even a minimised version) and there's no way to move back to the producer window without hitting ESC on the PowerPoint!

But in the end I brought a colleague in as a presenter purely to share the slides for me, it was just frustrating that I wasn't able to do it myself... But I had a really good meeting about the MS Webinar function yesterday and I think we'll move away from Live events to use this function instead, which will resolve this issue!  Thanks so much for trying to help me though, I really appreciate you time.

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I am running into the same issue here. How do we have slides on the left and presenter on the right? Is this possible? Also, can we have multiple people be on the screen at the same time?



In my teams app the share button is not appearing along with the video and mic buttons.