Missing "Join" button in Microsoft Teams calendar for meetings from external Users

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Hello Everyone,


I discovered today that there is no "Join" button in the Microsoft Teams calendar for meetings that were send from external users (not inside our tenant) via Outlook. There is only the link inside the description to open Microsoft Teams in the Web Browser, but there is no direct way to join the meeting.


Is this behavior normal for external meetings or should there also be a "Join" button? I don't have the possibility to test it with another external company, to see if it works there.

The "Join" button is working properly for internal meetings.


Thanks for any help, David

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I honestly think it has to do with how it's sent. If you are explicitly listed in the attendee's list and the e-mail matches your Teams email / login name it'll show a join otherwise it won't.
But My test from my external tenant, does in fact have a join button.

My join button is missing for me.  I created the meeting and there is no join in outlook or teams  


@David Mutschlechner  Same problem here. Ive had 2-3 people today say they arent getting the join button.

@David Mutschlechner 

I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned more. When I'm using my iPad it won't let me join the meeting as the link through to safari isn't yet supported. I have to join on my laptop and then click the "You've joined on another device" option.


I've played with it and to get the join button the sender has to send the invitation from Teams not Outlook. If it comes from Outlook then the join button is missing. 

For some reason the join button doesn't show up in the android app (when viewing the calendar tab) but view the calendar.

I have noticed this with meetings from one particular external partner, all internal meetings have been fine from mobile. I'm not sure if you can set a policy to not trust android clients, or the meeting is for desktop sharing and Android/mobile clients aren't given the option? I dont know but I'm just glad I worked out I can plug in through my Xbox controller and still use my phone headphones! Or those would have been some quiet meetings.

Thanks for any thoughts.

@Michael_Croxford as this post is already a few months old, I had the same experience as you described a few times in the past. But the issue with the missing join button has nearly vanished for me.

I only have one external partner where we don't see the join button if he sends us a Microsoft Teams Meeting request, but I guess it's a problem on his side because it's working with everyone else.


The only case where I don't get the join button is, if someone forwards the meeting to me.

@Chris Webb  That is not the case for us.  I only have our team and their office365 email address used.  I dont see the join button in teams or in outlook.

@David Mutschlechner 

Thats what I thought I saw too.

But really isnt acceptable.

If I want to create a teams meeting in either teams or outlook; if its a teams meeting; it should have a join button.  Wouldnt you agree?

@David Mutschlechner I am playing with this right now, one of the people I support is a delegate for a VIP and the meetings she sends on behalf of him don't have the Join button but meetings she sends from herself do have the button. She only has "send on behalf" rights, not "send as" - it seems like the "send as" supports don't have this problem, their buttons show up for their meetings.


Edited: I take that back. We are still in a hybrid environment, we're in the process of moving mailboxes from on prem to in the cloud. It looks like the meeting we are missing the join button from was created before this user was moved to the cloud. The meeting is a series to last throughout the year. She re-created the series and the button appeared.

It happened to me a few times. Seems it's a bug from Microsoft, suddelnly I had no join buttons on ANY meeting (and I have many a day). Closeing and reopening didn't fix it. 


Checking later, they reappeared. I had to open web teams and join from inside the meeting using a link.


Hope this is useful for someone. It's not you. It's a transient bug :)

In my case I do not place my meetings on the calendar.  I create them on the fly from within my TEAM.  I have 40 people in one team that all see the JOIN button if/when they enter the TEAM in question.  But on person is not able to see the button though he swears he is using the same kind of computer as everyone else and is using the same method of accessing the TEAM as the others.  I have not been able to determine how his account is any different than anyone else's.  In order for him to join I have to "Invite" him. :(


@StuartRK - about the same situation here.  We have several teachers that create meetings in different fashions - Meet Now, Schedule through Teams, Schedule through Outlook - and they each have a handful of students/teachers who do not see the JOIN option in their Teams' site.  I have been doing a lot of research, and can't find a solid answer as to why!  Would love to learn a solution!

@svankirk Same problem here as well. I tried to get them to clear cache. Still no result!

@svankirk Same issue here.  I start meetings using the meet now feature.  Almost all of my students are able to join with no problems, but I have a few that do not see a Join button on their end.  This is VERY frustrating!

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@StuartRK I have solved this problem by fixing the time on the windows machine, set it to be automatic over the internet. I hope this solves the problem.

@Mohammad_Ali_NEMER This also fixed my missing Join button and works! I had to log out of teams and restart after I changed to automatic time settings. 

Incredible that I had to trawl through so many forums to find the right answer! 


THANK YOU @Mohammad_Ali_NEMER 

Same problem here.
Class session is going on, but I there is no "Join" button in the Microsoft Teams calendar for the meetings. I don’t know what’s the issue.

@AMIR_ALI_K Hi Amir. Check @Mohammad_Ali_NEMER solution. It worked for me.