Missing E-Mail notifications for channel messages

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Hello everyone,


in Teams we got the option to get E-Mail notifications when something happens in Teams. I configured that I want to get notifications as soon as possible, when someone writes something in a specific channel. The problem is that I won't get any E-Mail notification for any message posted into the channel.

In the past (last year) everything worked fine, but I also noticed that I can't "follow" channels anymore but only mark them as displayed.


Is that a bug or "as designed"?



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Hi! They changed the wordings a bit and also added additional functionality. Instead of following you click channel messages and here set the notification settings for that channel. Also, make sure it’s channel’s not hidden but shown. Also email are only sent out if you aren’t active in Teams when the message is sent. If you are no email messages will be sent out.


Okay, thank you very much!


So, there are still E-Mail notifications for channel messages. Good to hear!



There is supposed to be. There was a problem for awhile where email wasn’t being sent but it was working again last I check.

@Chris Webb 

We have the problem now that there are no E-Mails being sent to anyone even if he/she has chosen to get one, when someone posts anything into a channel.

So, we have to perform bug tracking, I guess.

Don’t forget you only get email if you are not active on your computer for at least five minutes and or sign out.

I know about that, but thank you for reminding me.

When someone is signed in via the MS Teams App on the Smartphone, but not active there, it shouldn't count for an E-Mail notification, does it?

@adam deltinger 


Hello Adam.


Have you noticed that sending an outlook email to a teams channel email address, dumps the email into the channel correctly but the new activity doesn't post to chat or activity? I cannot see that a new email was sent to the channel, without going into the channel. 

It looks as if new email does not kick off a new activity, I have full notifications on for every channel, etc and I default to banner and feed.


I am just trying to see if this is a common issues. Thanks for any input you can provide.