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Is it possible to migrate chat messages from a old tenant to a new tenant (teams chat)?
Does anyone have any advice?
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Not out of the box. There are some tools out there 3rd party that can At a limited basis but Teams does not yet have any migration tools or channel move options, even in the same tenant.

@Deleted Hello Femke, I was just about to answer and noticed that had already been done :)


Anyway, there's a conversation that can provide you with some more information here



As for a "tool" i noticed there is a requested feature at Teams UserVoice. Go there and vote to stay updated.

'Import / Export for data migration between tenants'


@Deleted Here's an option I found online. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks promising https://sharegate.com/blog/2-ways-migrate-microsoft-teams-from-one-tenant-to-another

@Deleted Yes, it is possible to migrate the complete chat history of 1:1 or 1:N from one tenant to another. Want to migrate Private Chats in Microsoft Teams from a tenant? | Apps4.Pro Blog

Did you find anything? I was looking too. Everyone I talk with says you can't do a 1:1 migration on chats?.? I'm having to take a free version to paid then migrate.
this migrate chats too?

@TBone1985 Apps4Pro Migration manager does the migration of the 1:1 chat in Teams.

To migrate Microsoft Teams chat history, Download third party software Kernel Microsoft Teams Migration tool. It is an easy to use and secure tool developed by KernelApps Pvt. Ltd.

To get the software visit https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/microsoft-teams-migration/

@ChristianBergstrom The links you provided are not working((((

I have tried using a third party tool called Altosio. it works as expected and migrated private chats and group chats from Teams to Teams. It does not need any user intervention or password.
Here is a link for your reference: https://altosio.com/documentation/tenant-private-chats-migration/

Yes, possible using Apps4.Pro Migration Manager. This tool will migrate the chats and it will re-hydrate chats in target teams. End users can find their old messages and continue chats from where it was left.