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Is it possible to migrate chat messages from a old tenant to a new tenant (teams chat)?
Does anyone have any advice?
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Not out of the box. There are some tools out there 3rd party that can At a limited basis but Teams does not yet have any migration tools or channel move options, even in the same tenant.

@FemkeCornelissen Hello Femke, I was just about to answer and noticed that had already been done :)


Anyway, there's a conversation that can provide you with some more information here



As for a "tool" i noticed there is a requested feature at Teams UserVoice. Go there and vote to stay updated.

'Import / Export for data migration between tenants'


@FemkeCornelissen Here's an option I found online. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks promising https://sharegate.com/blog/2-ways-migrate-microsoft-teams-from-one-tenant-to-another

@FemkeCornelissen Yes, it is possible to migrate the complete chat history of 1:1 or 1:N from one tenant to another. Want to migrate Private Chats in Microsoft Teams from a tenant? | Apps4.Pro Blog

Did you find anything? I was looking too. Everyone I talk with says you can't do a 1:1 migration on chats?.? I'm having to take a free version to paid then migrate.
this migrate chats too?

@TBone1985 Apps4Pro Migration manager does the migration of the 1:1 chat in Teams.