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I am writing because I have been trying to join a Microsoft Teams meeting set up by my employer, however, when I click the link to join, it tells me that the host has to let me into the meeting. My employer, however, states that she arranged her settings so that the meeting is open to everyone and no one will need to wait in the lobby but will be admitted in immediately. She also states that she does not see me in her lobby even though it says that she has to let me in. I am using the desktop version of Microsoft Teams however, the same problem arose when using the app and dialing in from my phone. This was a test call and I have the actual meeting in 4 days, so if anyone could help me as soon as possible that would be great. Thank you so much. 

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@Shanice22  - firstly we'll need to find out what type of account you have and the relationship that you have with your employer's tenant.


1. Do you have your existing O365 Business Tenant provisioned with actual teams license?

2. Do you have a freemium Teams license using you MSA (personal account)?

3 Were you invited to you employer's O365 Tenant as Guest or Federated user?


Also are you the only one experiencing this issue or other attendees are?


Lastly, I'd suggest below comment to ensure, your employer tenant config will auto admin meeting attendees regardless if they were anonymous:


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Thank you so much for getting back to me! My apologies for not seeing this sooner. I'm not sure what the first question means exactly, but I do have office 365 and this meeting is an interview for the job, which is why she set the meeting to allow anyone to enter even if they were outside the company. For the second question, I am using a free Microsoft Teams account. Finally, I am not sure of the meaning of Guest or Federated user but I am assuming guest since I am not yet linked on their Microsoft Teams Business program. Finally, other people were able to join her meeting with outside emails like mine and successfully complete the meeting. In my case, whenever I click "join now" on the link she emails me, my video and mic are turned on, but it says that I have to "wait until the host lets me into the meeting." On her end, she cannot see me in her lobby and she says she changed the meeting settings to allow anyone to bypass the lobby so she does not understand why I get that message. It has worked for all of the other meeting attendees except for me. Please let me know if there is anything you can do to help or if there is anything on my end I should be doing. My job interview is tomorrow so if you could get back to me as soon as you can, that would be great. Thank you so much again!




It'll be probably too late and you might have already took the offer.


But for what its worth,


Since the issue reside only on your account. Try to see if you are indeed added as a guest by going to your Access Panel. The employer might have to re-add you again if it is showing otherwise.


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