Microsoft teams Audio Conferencing - Outside Clients stuck in lobby

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Hello Everyone,


My users are having an issue, this seems to have started on Friday, May 15th 2020.  If client(s) calls in through audio(Cell phone/Landline) first and the presenter calls through audio afterwards, all client(s) is stuck in the lobby waiting room.  The client(s) are not automatically placed into the room with the presenter.  However, if my users call in first and have the audio room up, any clients calling after will be put into the room with the presenter.  Prior to May 15th, all my users did not have this issue with their clients.  On the admin side, no settings has been changed to Microsoft teams.  


I know on the news bulletin, Microsoft has been pushing out new updates/features to Microsoft teams.  I am wondering if this some how broke the functionality??¿¿ 




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I'd suggest you revisit the settings and ensure your end-user (joiner\organizer) is using the default meeting policies (Global) also consider what type of medium they (joiner) are using to join a meeting - either accessing it using Teams Desktop, using the meeting link as anonymous user or probably dialing in using their mobile devices.


Teams Admin Center (UI)​

SFB PowerShell​

Teams Admin Center > Users> select the affected user > Policies tab > Edit​


"Grant-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity -PolicyName $null".​


Global Meeting Policy

RestrictedAnonymousAccess Policy

AllowAnonymousUsersToStartMeeting = True

AutoAdmittedUsers = Everyone

AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby = True

AllowAnonymousUsersToStartMeeting = False

AutoAdmittedUsers = EveryoneInCompany

AllowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby = True

Note: changes take effect between 2-4 hours per experience.
Furthermore, if you feel that the service is degraded I'd suggest you pay a visit to the AC's Service Health , abuse the options to find the incident information you need, so that unnecessary efforts can be avoided. 


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@Hatake242 Hello Alan, I believe this information will help you sort out the behavior you're describing.


How does a user schedule and start a meeting when all attendees will be using a phone to dial-in? 


Start an Audio Conference over the phone without a PIN in Microsoft Teams 



The users creates the Conferencing meeting through Microsoft Teams in the calendar tab.  The users enters the title, time and email addresses of the clients.  On the day of the meeting, the users clients call through the phone as well as the user.  Usually the User is last to join due to prep work for the meeting.  


I read the both links you sent and will try the options that is listed.  My company prefers our users to use the PIN to allow any clients held in the lobby to enter the room once the users calls in.  However, this doesn't explain why this function was working prior to Friday, May 15th and now it doesn't.  






Thanks for the link.  


My boss told me on the admin end, in meeting polices/Global he allowed "Allow dial-in users to bypass the lobby" to be toggled on and "Automatically admit people" to everyone last friday, but the issue was still there.  Does this work the same way as the link you had sent me in your first post?




@Hatake242 Well, when all attendees will be using a phone to dial-in you have a setting available directly on a user (the organizer) with Audio conferencing license were you can set "Dial-in callers can be the first person in a meeting" as described in "Option 2".





Thank  you again.  I am going to turn that on for all my users and test it out.  


Thank you for your help.