Microsoft Teams verification code does work

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I'm trying to set up the free version of MS Teams on my desktop so I can join a meeting at 13:00 Eastern Australian Standard Time 11 June 2021 (tomorrow!). I sign in with my password then it asks for my phone number to send me a code. I enter my phone number and click next. I get a four digit number which I type into the verification box. It tells me the number is incorrect. I've tried this numerous times and all the numbers I have received fail to verify. They are all four digits. This is uncommon, other programs use six digit verification codes. Are the codes I'm receiving truncated? I need this fixed so I can attend my meeting.

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I think I have the same problem so I gess team just does not work. 



I am having exactly the same issue.
I was trying to help a friend set up Teams. he had this issue.
So I tried on my own pc, and have the same issue. If I go around the loop a few times I get a screen saying 
"The site is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Please try again later". 
I have tried Tues 8th June, Weds 9th June, and today Fri 11th June.
So much time wasting.  Please MS, fix this.


I was trying to help my partner load Teams on her laptop for her first ever Teams meeting on Tuesday 15/06 (which is compulsory for her to attend). Exactly the same, failed to accept 4 digit code. Tried several times, eventually message popped up that we had exceeded the number of attempts allowed in 24hrs. Microsoft please sort this or can someone post what we are doing wrong.

@AstridCarltonI bought Microsoft365 yesterday with the view to add my managers and use MSTeams instead of splashing out on a server. Exactly the same problem with the verification code. On free 30-day trial if the issue is not solved I'll cancel the subscription - which is a shame - and go back to Office and buy a server.


Hi Mark and everyone,

not exactly a good advert for Office365 or Microsoft in general!

Can anyone at Microsoft please respond ?

Sooooo frustrating.
I have been a Microsoft/Windows girl all my (and Windows's) life, and am soo disappointed in them for the past several years. They just don't seem to care.. :(


Hello @Julie-MSissue   It's regrettable that you're having these issues.  There is an old post on (the tech support forum) that offers this solution that 49 people found helpful:


Here is how they resolved the issue:


1.) Load up your browser

2.) Access the Microsoft Store like you normally would

3.) Log-in, then click "My Account" from the upper right hand corner to navigate to the separate website (you can probably manually type this in to access it)

4.) Go to "Your Info"
5.) Edit/Update your personal information

6.) Save it, go back to Microsoft Store, and try again. It'll accept your First & last name now and wont give you the bug.


If this doesn't work, please reach out to Answers directly, where support agents are available to troubleshoot until your issue is resolved.  This is usually the first "line of defense" when you're having a tech support issue and can't contact Microsoft Support or an administrator.



@ThereseSolimenoI also found that "solution" and tried it more than once. Its a red herring. I doesn't work.

Well, I tried installing Teams on another computer. I managed to log in, no troubles. I did nothing different. I've gone back to my other computer, where I initially tried to install it, and also logged in without any problems. Go figure.

I wish I could figure, more confused !@AstridCarlton