Microsoft Teams: Muting All The Participants Without Allowing Them To Unmute

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Dear All,


Is there any option in Microsoft Teams to mute all the participants without allowing them to unmute back? I mean, Is there is any option for the speaker to mute all the students, and then unmute them back when I want them to speak? 



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Hi All;

I found a work around that might be helpful at this time!

Once you create the meeting on teams and start it.. in the participants tab, you can find ... (three dots) to have more options, choose manage options, choose "who can present" and change to Me only and save.

then go back to the meeting and choose the three dots again and choose " don't allow others to unmute" by this no one can interrupt you.

Then to allow them again to participate, you need to make it reverse:

Go back to options and choose "who can present" to everyone and save.

then any one can unmute himself again.


Good luck.

@Anh_Hien_Nguyen, how is helping with the MS Teams issue?


@Anandh-Rao  schedule a  meeting in the calendar, then go inside the meeting again to change meeting option.






You have now completed scheduling. When it's time for class, just go to your calendar and open the scheduled lesson and select "join" to start your lesson. And ask your students to do the same.
Do not click “meet now” or answering a call to start your lesson because you can not control your class. Always start by “join” in your calendar.


@Anh_Hien_Nguyen, yes but i dont want participants to unmute themselves only the host must have that option


@Anandh-Rao now the team meeting options have all these settings enabled. Just join the call and the organizer will have to go to 3 dots->Meeting Options-> image below


It is available now
During the meeting
The organizer and presenters can prevent attendees from unmuting at any time during the meeting.
Note: Currently organizers and presenters joining from mobile or Teams meeting room devices can't prevent attendees from unmuting.
Select More options button next to Participants and then select Don't allow attendees to unmute.

Before the meeting
After scheduling the meeting and sending out the invites, the meeting organizer can turn off the mics so that attendees can't unmute themselves during the meeting. All attendees (but not presenters) will be muted when they join the meeting.
1) Go to Calendar and double-click the meeting.

2) Select Meeting options near the top of the screen.
'Meeting options' near the top of the screen
3) Turn off the Allow attendees to unmute toggle and select Save.