Microsoft Teams Mobile App iOS Allow camera Policy does not allow user to access camera

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I have been setting up and testing an App Protection Policy for My iOS users with Personal Devices. I have included all the Microsoft Mobile Public apps in my policy to allow them to receive data from the camera.  When testing I found that the other apps allow the camera using the App Protection Policy, however Microsoft Teams Mobile app does not and displays a warning that they are not allow to access the camera.  I can however use the camera in OneDrive to take the picture and "Open In" Microsoft Teams to send it to the intended contact.  Does anyone know why Microsoft Teams Mobile App for iOS does not behave the same as all the other managed apps with the same settings all on unmanaged devices? Is there an extra configuration for Teams Mobile App for iOS?

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Danea, this is a common use case for us too. I've only tried on Andriod, but it appears that the Teams app is only allowed to access camera data from Chat....which is not our use case. This forces us to bounce back-and-forth between onedrive and teams. Did you figure it out? Can anyone point us in the correct direction?