Microsoft Teams messes with my microphone volume in other programs

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So I downloaded Microsoft Teams this morning for some college registration stuff. Now that I am done with that, I looked into OBS and Discord to see what my microphone volume levels were doing, and it is incredibly quiet. It was not like this before installing Microsoft teams. Whenever I do a test call, the volume goes back to normal but then immediately goes back to nearly inaudible after the call ends. How do I fix this?

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Hello @Jariahm9956   There was a similar submission in our site recently - please review the solutions offered there (especially the last entry) and see if they help.


Also, please check the Teams enabled device list to make sure your devices are listed:


Hope this helps.

@ThereseSolimenoI have the same exact problem as @Jariahm9956. My microphone volume is incredibly low and it wasn't like this until I installed Teams. I have tried doing what you asked and it didn't work, I even uninstalled Teams from my PC and my microphone is still quiet. Teams did something to my microphone and now no one can hear me.

A bit late but this worked for me @swagphoenix69 . I had the exact same problem.

Start > Sound Settings > Device properties (microphone) > Adjust volume to 100.

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I GOT A SOLUTION (a bit late but the problem occured some days ago for me)

1) Go into a call (Test call or just call someone)

2) While in the call open Task Manager

3) Kill the "Microsoft Teams"-Task

Here you go...

Me and a friend both have this issue. I have actually had this issue for more than a year now and my friend has had it for about a week now. Our microphone volume is low on all applications except Teams.

We both have our microphone volume set to 100% in Windows and everywhere I ask how to fix this people just say to set it to 100% despite me clearly stating it's already set to that. I have gone through 3 pages of a dozen or so searches searching for a solution and I feel like I'm in a big room of parrots yelling the same thing over and over and over.

I can become barely hearable (but still very quiet) if I set my gain to an insane level (95%+) on my physical audio interface, which is making the components quite hot so this solution is not preferable and is probably bad for my hardware. Before I first used Teams it used to be easily loud enough at about 50-60% gain.