Microsoft Teams meeting sound is interrupted when I receive phone calls/sms/phone notifications

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At my job we are all using Microsoft Teams as our meeting platform.

Some of my collogues are experiencing interruptions in the meeting sound when they receive a different sound from their phone (i.g. calls, sms and notifications).

We have connected our Jabra Elite 75 headset both to our phone and to our PC.

I believe that the sound source coming from the phone is interrupting the sound source coming from the PC.


Have anyone experienced the same issue and how do we deal with it?

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@ErikNymoen93 Hello,


This may be an issue with the device audio settings.


See this resolution for a Windows device on Bose Community Forum.


Hope this provides a resolution for you.



I am having this same issue with Sony bluetooth headphones. If I receive a call while in a teams meeting, the audio source becomes inaudible and the microphone no longer works. If I toggle the audio source back and forth, the issue is resolved.