Microsoft Teams is not working on MacOS 12.5 or 12.5.1 Update

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We updated a couple of our computers to Macos 12.5 & 12.5.1 and since then we have been experiencing extreme difficulty getting logged into Teams on our macbooks. All of our other staff's computers that have not been updated to the new update are working just fine. We have tried to uninstall & reinstall the application, hard restart the computers, clear the cache and nothing is working. Those who have updated their macbooks are stuck using the application on our phones until we find a solution. Can anyone assist with this? 

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Is it related to Apple's Private Relay service? Try turning that off and see if that fixes it. I'm on 12.5.1 and Teams (M1 build, works fine.

@NigelSS_GSD Unfortunately, this option is not currently enabled on either device so I do not believe this is causing the issue. I've cleared all caches, signed out , restarted the device, went as far as factory resetting them and nothing. 

@NigelSS_GSD We also cannot access the teams application online either. We are stuck on the loading loop and then get an error even though all settings are enabled and the custom URL's are being entered on the backend of each browser.  Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 9.32.19 PM.png