Microsoft Teams Invites not showing up in Gmail

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I am currently receiving Microsoft Teams invites through gmail and the hyperlink with phone number and dial-in code appears, but the actual calendar invite with the day and time of the meeting is not coming through. Basically, I am able to access the meeting, but I have to reach out to the organizer for the actual date / time. Does anyone know how to fix this?



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Is this all Teams invites from any sender, or just one particular sender please?

@PeterRising only from certain senders. Internal to my org, there are no problems, but receiving from external orgs there is



OK, and do you know if any other recipients from these external orgs have the same issue as you or is it just you who is experiencing it?

@PeterRising Yes, it is a mix. Some people have not problems with the Teams invite, while others do

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Interestingly, I've just tested this myself and found the same thing happened.  I received the email invite to my Gmail account, but no calendar item was included.


I've logged this on Uservoice at 

@cld025  I've been having the same issue, whereas other members of my team also using Gmail do not.  I asked the sender to add a "+label" to my email address in the invite, which appears to have fixed it.  I'm guessing whatever was wrong was cached, tied to my email address; adding a "+label" makes it look like a different address and so avoids the issue.


If you aren't familiar, you can add "+anything" to a gmail email address, just before the "@" sign, and the email will still be delivered to the original address.  For example, if your email address is "", any email sent to "" will also be delivered to your inbox.  This is useful if you want label certain emails in gmail, or track who is sharing your email address, etc.  This also works if you have Google for Domains, and you get your mail via the GMail web interface, but without a gmail address.  For example, "" and "" are equivalent. 


Hi there, I have been having the same problem and adding "+test" fixes it... so thanks for that.

Ideally I don't want to have to ask organisers to add a label to all invites, so where is the caching error? With Gmail or Microsoft? I'd like to be able to clear this out to fix it properly.



It would be urgent to fix this bug, since you cannot take part in meetings because you do not know what time and hour they are. It is a big issue for plenty of people! Thank you!





Was a final solution for this problem ever identified? I have been encountering the problem within the last 2 weeks and would like to know what steps to take to resolve it on my computer.


Also, I have noticed that it doesn't occur when I check the same messages on my phone.  All the relevant MS Teams Invite meeting details display on my cell phone in the Gmail messages App.


Thank you.




There has been no update on the Uservoice i'm afraid.

I am having the same problem - date and time are not included on the Teams invitations I receive.  I am using Mac OS 11.15, and have tried opening the invitation with Apple mail and with Hotmail, but neither includes the time and date.  It's beyond frustrating!


Same thing for me and the team I work with.

Waiting for a solution, it's a big issue for our company.