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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Partners UK Recommendations

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A client of mine wishes to move over to a VoiP services and Teams seems an obvious choice. However there's not native support for the Whisper, Barge & Listen functions you get with a lot of systems. 


I'm considering a partner via direct routing, but they all tend to make their functionality hard to find. I wondered if anyonce could recommend someone that offered this functionality with MS Teams DR and in the UK?


Thanks in advance. 

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Those features are to be found in Contact Centre solutions rather than out of the box within Teams. There are now a number of solutions that work with Direct Routing.  The main 2 players I can think of are Anywhere 365 and Enghouse Interactive. There's lots of companies in the UK who have worked with both of these vendors that would be able to help you. Mine included...

@DangerousKnowledge check out AudioCodes or Ingram Micro, who both use SIPPIO Direct Routing as a service to voice-enable teams. It would be my pleasure to connect you to an account specialist in your area. (contact me here

Why SIPPIO is unlike any other Direct Routing product:

  • Largest global coverage area
  • Azure and Microsoft Teams-native
  • Deploys in minutes and is built on Azure to ensure a secure, compliant, and redundant voice solution.
  • The per user per month model provides flexibility to opt in/out or scale up/down monthly in an unlimited or consumption-based plan.

Activation is simple and automated with the SIPPIO Voice Panel so users will be making calls in minutes. SIPPIO amplifies the value of a Microsoft 365 investment providing calling capabilities in a single app across desktop, mobile, browser or desk phones. 24×7 support ensures a voice expert will quickly answer questions, demonstrate admin features or resolve issues.



Also looking for a partner for DRaaS. It's tricky. Resellers are banging on the windows offering it, although all they are is middle-men to the carriers. They have offered a "carrier agnostic" model where the calls will be routed via the best offering at the time. You could go with one "good" carrier (e.g Ring Central) but can be more costly. 

Has anyone used Sippio? This looks like the sweet spot....




You're correct that a lot are middle-men and in all honesty that's what most DRaaS providers are. They carry voice traffic from the SIP Trunk carriers through resilient Azure based SBC's and into the Teams "cloud". That's one of the issues as there's a lot of companies that have set themselves up without knowing a thing about Telecoms and then leave it up to the end customer to setup their Teams environment. There's no qualification\accreditation to set yourself up as a DRaaS provider so you do have to be sure who you are working with and they are competent.    I think where my company differs is that we work with the customer to get their tenants setup correctly even offering a free Proof of Concept trial so they can test voice quality, setup some Call Queues etc so they can get a feel of the product.

I think the SIPPIO model is good for a small number of users but from a price point of view can stack up if you're talking about £9 per user per month. You've also got your Office 365 licenses on top of that (Phone System etc).


Let me know if I can help. Details should be in my profile.