Microsoft Teams Desktop not showing emojis

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After run Microsoft update this issue happen!. Also message react emojis (like thumb up) also not showing! 

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Same problem here since update today.

Same here. Happened today and stickers aren't working either

Works fine for me (no emoticons is like no coffee in the morning :cry:). Try Signing out of the Teams desktop app and back in again. Might help with the issue.


Cheers and best wishes to you all :cool:


Already tried multiple times but didn't worked!

Thanks @Damien_Rosario 

Unfortunately sign out and in did not help for me.

Thanks for the suggestion. :smile:

Hi @Malith_Fdo 


Out of curiosity, is it the same problem in the web version too?






I have the same problem

Yes web version also have same problem. Mobile app working fine.

I'd suggest that it might be an issue affecting some tenancies only, @Malith_Fdo, on the basis that I don't have the issue on mine atm and also given your web version is impacted.


I would either wait and see if it resolves later today or tomorrow, or log a ticket with Microsoft for assistace.


In the meantime, the old :) :p :D :( never fails!


Best wishes guys






In light of the above, maybe a good idea to log a ticket. The more Microsoft hear about it, the faster it'll get fixed!




Hi: @Malith_Fdo 

I have fixed it by Signing out from Microsoft Teams.

  • Right Click on the Teams Icon
  • Sign out
  • Sign back in

This worked for me, so I think i should work from all.

Image 2966.png

Thank you @CLUB_AVB that worked for me too!


They must have done something though because I did the same thing this morning but to no avail.

Yes according Microsoft support issue is fixed now.



I'm having the same issues on the Windows 10 desktop app. 


On my Android device, the reactions are present.

Thank you very much @CLUB_AVB 

That helped me.

Was getting frustrated without my "morning emojis" but now life is rosy again.

worked perfectly - many thanks



I have just started my new job, teams in office365 premium, but are missing smileys in teams.

Suggestions+ tried logging in/out- still doesn't work


BR Joakim


Good morning,


I ran into the same problem on Friday and today. I tried signing out and signing in and now the problem has gone away. 


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Hi @s1954113:

Hi at the moment it didn't happened to me since then but there are many things that might cause this:


(1) Make sure your windows is up to date on windows updates (Some O365 bugs are fixed after the updates on windows).

(2) If you are working over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Refresh your connection (Whichever is your VPN program) and once done Sign out and Sign in Back and they should go back.

If all above didn't worked, another issue that may happens is that Teams Cache is corrupted in which case you will have to delete all the cache. Follow the below instructions if you want to delete the cache:


  1. Exit of the Microsoft Teams Desktop APP.
  2. Right click on the Teams icon in your system tray.
  3. Click Quit.
  4. Click on the File Explorer.
  5. In the address bar copy and paste the following location into File Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams.
  6. Delete all files and folders in that Directory.
  7. Open teams back and they should show now.

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